Nu säljer vi October Stockholm Läpsstift

Publicerat: 2017-02-22 22:54:52
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Nu säljer vi October Stockholm Läpsstift

Nina’s journey in the beauty industry started nearly 15 years ago when she opened her first hair-salon in the Northern Sweden. Having an endless energy and a burning desire to build and create, she has continued on her journey opening 6 more salons, welcoming many loyal customers and offering them hair-styling, beauty advice and emotional support at times.

In 2007 an idea of a makeup brand was born and it was a great opportunity for Nina to apply her skills and her interest in the beauty world onto a new exciting project.

Getting October to the brand it is today was a long road with all the challenges life can offer, and it’s only Nina’s perseverance and inner strength that got her going on and not giving up. Her passion for beauty and a true passion for building a business are the two qualities that helped her overcome the obstacles and stay focused on the goal.

Nina envisioned a brand that is much more than a makeup range ‒ a brand that supports women in all their different struggles in life, a brand that is meaningful and authentic. Being a mom of three daughters Nina holds these values close to her heart, hoping October will grow further with an ambition to make a difference in someone’s life.

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